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The meteoric rise of Barak Hussein Obama to the threshold of the White House has the makings of an historic tale. It also has the shadow of an historic disaster.

Not a disaster for Obama.

Not a disaster for the Democratic Party and its companions.

Perhaps a disaster for the American style Democracy - if not a disaster then surely a change.

Probably a serious shift downwards of the American free way of life.

Probably an eventual disaster for American major media outlets - the written press, and the audio-visual.

And the cause?

The persistent cover up and “close-up” of facts and of history. The ability for such a rise to electability when so much of Barak Hussein Obama’s history is sealed in silence.

Where are the friends and aquaintances of his “previous” life?

    • Have the “bad” friends been silenced?
    • So where are the good? Bring them out. Let them testify.
    • Why has his history at Harvard been “sealed”?
    • Why has Stanley Kurtz (a negative Obama researcher) been trailed by a silencing “mob”?

If the American people want socialism -let them see it and choose it.

If they are “duped” or “lulled” into choosing it - then this is the disaster.

The Owl.

The Owl

Monday, April 21st, 2008