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Circumventing Obama in the Middle-East

Seeking Allies not Patrons

Israel needs to devise a non-aggression treaty with two other major powers in the expanded region. “If Syria, Iran Pakistan or Iraq attacks one of us, the rest of us are in.” With whom to make this alliance? With the powers Israel has been cultivating for a few decades: India and Turkey. (Turkey of late has developed a problem ithe Islamic extremeists; but the population at large dislikes Arab countries.) Either of these two are considered more powerful than Iran. Others may seek to join (even Russia - to exploit the Obamafication of US strategy) and perhaps then the political correctness stifling Israel’s foreign policies may finally be evicted. (Neither Turkey nor India care much for what others say.) India may want the pact to extend to its eastern front (China) but that would be an alliance of much greater implications. (Then again perhaps Russia may wish to join and include that as part of the pact.)

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It’s not the Birth Certificate - Stupid

It’s all the other paper trail of this president.

His college papers, his thesis, his visitors as legistlator, etc. etc. etc.

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  • Spot highway checks on tire-pressure. $250 Fine for re-distribution [to flat tires?].
  • Restriction on body weight for air-travel. Based on Weight/height ratio.
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Powell Repents for Iraq War

Well he has been feeling so guilty about his U.N. appearance, where he promoted the Bush line of attack. So what do you want? Obama is the natural choice of anti-war. However, it would probably be more appropriate a repentance NOT to support Biden - a bumbler of major proportions - who on day 2 could back us into a worse debacle without any backup lights to guide.

Of course Obama is no Muslim, we take his word for it. Just like we take his word that he is not a Christian Black Power advocate like his true friend, pastor and mentor - whose words he used for the title of his book. Twenty years in his pews? That was because he wanted to agitate pastor Manning of New York.

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Colin Powell & Democratic Talking points?

Only the first half was verse and chapter. After that he came up with some fascinating arguments about sectarianism (as if Muslims who are true to the Koran recognize the concept.)
Colin Powell in his emotional appeal to vote for the “brother” (as in “Big Brother” government)

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Polls say: 95% of Afro-Americans voting Obama. Really?

Middle class Afro Americans - and certainly the “rich” ones making over $250K - will think long and hard before voting for their skin color and not their own self interest.

The real question is:

“How many African Americans would DARE to say they are NOT voting Obama?”

“We used to think there was a black community. It was always heterogenous but we were always able to imagine ourselves as part of that community. I would go so far as to say that many middle-class black people have internalised the same racist attitudes to working-class black people as white people have of the black criminal. The young black man with the sagging pants walking down the street is understood as a threat by the black middle class as well. So I don’t think it’s possible to mobilise black communities in the way it was in the past.” Professor Angela Y. Davis.

Angela Davis in the Black-Panther days Angela Davis in the Black-Panther days

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A Silencer in the White-House?

Much of Barak Hussein Obama’s history is sealed in silence.
There has been a persistent cover up and “close-up” of facts and of history, all generating his rise to electability.
Where are the friends and aquaintances of his “previous” life?

  • Have the “bad” friends been silenced?
  • So where are the good? Bring them out. Let them testify.
  • Why has his history at Harvard been “sealed”?
  • Why has Stanley Kurtz (a negative Obama researcher) been trailed by a silencing “mob”?


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